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Beach Īlot Gabriel


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Beach Īlot Gabriel

Island Ilot Gabriel MauritiusBeaches on small islands of Mauritius
Īlot Gabriel Beach Mauritius

The small island of Īlot Gabriel can only be reached after a longer journey by ship.
Various craft leave Grand Baie for the island, and travellers have a choice between sailing boats, larger catamarans or smaller motorboats.

The journey across the sea passes the islands of Coin de Mire and on to Flat Island, which is the neighbouring island to Īlot Gabriel.

The island has an idyllic setting, a gentle slope and is often devoid of people if there are only a few boats in the bay.

The island is not inhabited, and the only people to be seen are those arriving by boat.

Īlot Gabriel is a must for snorkelling enthusiasts. The corals off the Īlot Gabriel contain countless species of fish, in all colours and shapes. Time passes all too quickly here, before visitors need to turn for home.

Īlot Gabriel beach grading (10= very good  1= poor or non-existent)

Ilot Gabriel Position: 10 (idyllic)
Accessibility: 3, but made eventful by the crossing; have fun on the catamarans
Beach size: 7
Sand: 10
Shade: 7
Capacity: 10
Child friendliness: 10
Snorkelling: 10
Water sports facilities: 5, only what arrives by boat
Refreshments: 10, almost all organisers ensure that refreshments are available
Sanitary facilities: 6, on the boats

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