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Attractions in Mauritius
Places of worship & holy places
Grand Bassin


Attractions in Mauritius

Places of Worship & Holy Places

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin Mauritius Mauritius
Attractions in Mauritius
Places of worship & holy places in Mauritius
Grand Bassin

On his trip to the most beautiful places on earth with his wife Satis Parvati on his flower ship, Shiva also landed on Mauritius.
Water from the River Ganges that Shiva was carrying was spilled and flowed into the crater in the mountains of Mauritius.

Shiva then prophesied that Hindus would live on Mauritius one day and this lake would become a pilgrimage site for them.

Grand Bassin Mauritius Today, the Hindus of Mauritius make the pilgrimage to the holy lake on Mauritius.
At the largest festival, Maha Shivaratree, the largest Hindu festival outside of India, nearly 500,000 Hindus from all parts of Mauritius make the pilgrimage to the holy Grand Bassin.

Grand Bassin lake is located in the mountains in the southeastern part of Mauritius at an elevation of about 700 m and is surrounded by the lush green of the mountains.
The holy lake is surrounded by temples and sacrificial sites that are rarely visited except during the festivals.
The deep crater lake, the silence, the temples, and the area usually cloaked in fog give this sacred place a mystical atmosphere.
Grand Bassin Mauritius
A small steep path leads up to a temple dedicated to the god Hanuman. When the weather is good, you have a good view across Mauritius from there.

You may enter the temples, but only in your bare feet; leave your shoes outside. When entering, ring the bell over the entrance once.
When leaving the temple, walk backwards.

Grand Bassin Mauritius
Location: in the southeast of Mauritius
A very worthwhile outing, especially if you are interested in the cultures on Mauritius.
Grand Bassin Mauritius Bring warm clothing and rain gear.
Children: suitable
Opening hours: daily
Parking available
Admission: free / small donations for the collection boxes are welcome.
Please observe the rules for entering the temples (barefoot).

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