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Beaches in Mauritius

Mauritius Beaches
Best Beaches in Mauritius

Beaches of MauritiusOverview of Mauritius beaches

The coast of Mauritius is approx. 200 km in length, and contains 160 km of beaches.
The shoreline is characterised by small bays, often fairly isolated, long stretches of beach with adjoining filao forests, occasionally interrupted by lava rocks.
The beaches offer something for everyone – from “lively” with all the hustle and bustle, to isolated as in Robinson Crusoe.

All beaches share the white, mostly fine coral sand, which forms a beautiful contrast to the colours of the sea and the blue sky. When the sun is shining, the sea reflects a range of blue hues, turquoise and often even green.

Almost the entire coast line of Mauritius is surrounded by a coral reef that protects the lagoons from major wave action as well as from large, dangerous fish such as sharks and barracudas. The water is crystal clear, with the temperature ranging from 23°C to 29°C, depending on the time of year.Beaches of Mauritius
The water is generally extremely calm and warm, and the shore dips gently, making almost all beaches in Mauritius suitable for children and non-swimmers as well.

The coral reefs off the coast of Mauritius are often located only a few 100 metres from the shore and are most inviting for snorkelling and diving.
Water sports to suit all requirements are offered at all the beaches, particularly in the north west and on the hotel beaches.

The west coast lends itself to beautiful, romantic sunsets (approx. 18:30 – 19:30), while watching the sun rise on the east coast is for extremely early risers.
The beaches on Mauritius are freely accessible, that is, they are open to the public up to 1 metre above the tide mark, even in the hotel areas, despite the efforts of some hotels and owners of holiday homes to create an alternate impression.

We introduce the best-known and most beautiful beaches in Mauritius; in all cases these are beaches that also have a public beach.
These “public beaches” always have parking areas and usually sanitary facilities.
Beaches of Mauritius
Beaches in the north-west of Mauritius  Beaches in the north-west of Mauritius
Beach Baie du Tombeau Mauritius  Beach Baie du Tombeau
Beach Grand Baie Mauritius  Beach Grand Baie
Beach Mont Choisy Mauritius  Beach Mont Choisy
Beach Péreybčre Mauritius  Beach Péreybčre
Beach Pointe aux Canonnier Mauritius  Beach Pointe aux Canonniers
Beach Pointe aux Piments Mauritius  Beach Pointe aux Piments
Beach Trou aux Biches Mauritius  Beach Trou aux Biches

Beaches in the west of Mauritius  Beaches in the west of Mauritius
Beach Flic en Flac Mauritius  Beach Flic en Flac
Beach Tamarin Mauritius  Beach Tamarin

Beaches in the south-west of Mauritius  Beaches in the south-west of Mauritius
Beach Le Morne Brabant Mauritius  Beach Le Morne Brabant

Beaches in the east of Mauritius  Beach in the east of Mauritius
Beach Belle Mare Mauritius  Beach Belle Mare

Beaches in the south-east of Mauritius  Beaches in the south-east of Mauritius
Beach Blue Bay Mauritius  Beach Blue Bay

Beaches on small island of Mauritiud  Beaches on small islands of Mauritius
Beach Ile aux Cerfs  Beach Ile aux Cerfs
Beach Ilot Gabriel Mauritius  Beach Îlot Gabriel

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