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History & Society of Mauritius

History & Society of MauritiusHistory & Society of MauritiusHistory & Society of MauritiusHistory & Society of MauritiusHistory & Society of Mauritius

History & society: the history of Mauritius is quite young. For the first time mentioned around 1500 on Arabian maps.

Dutch period (1598 - 1710): in 1598 the Dutch took possession of the island and named it Mauritius.  But the first settlers landed in 1638 and remained there only for 20 years. Several further attempts to settle the isle failed so that the Dutch gave up the island in 1710.

une rue dans le camp malabar, à Port Louis 1876 le camp créole, à Port Louis 1873

Mahé de LabourdonnaisFrench period (1715 - 1810): in 1715 the French took possession of Mauritius to protect their ship routes to India. The settlement started in 1721.  The development of the country starts in 1735 with the arrival of the governor Mahé de Labourdonnais whose work is still visible today: Construction of Port Louis as military port and shipbuilding centre / Château de Mon Plaisir in Pamplemousses / Line Barracks in Port Louis / parts of the Government House.The French East India Company took the administration of the island till 1767. Mauritius was the base of the corsairs during the Napoleonic wars. In 1810 great naval battle between England and France at Grand Port. Englishmen landed in the north (Cap Malheureux) and replaced the Frenchmen in August 1810.

La Rue Desforges, à  Port Louis 1874English period (1810 -- 1968): great social and economic radical change. The abolition of the slavery in 1835 was the highlight. As result of this is the immigration of Indian workers, Hindus & Moslems who now took the work on the sugar-cane fields. Due to their majority, the culture of the island was strongly characterized. Chinese traders immigrate. Mauritius comes to prosperity by the well developed sugar industry . Since 1968 Mauritius is independent and from the 12th. March 1992 a republic state.

Population: Mauritius has become a society of different races, cultures and religions through its immigration. People of African, Indian, European and Chinese origins cohabit with various cultures, customs, languages peacefully and harmonically on narrow land. Mauritius is an example for other societies of the world.